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The Teapot Café has been in existence for many years and is part of the Pastoral Care and Outreach work of the Kirk.

It takes place in the Yvonne Fuller Library every Wednesday morning from 10.30am until 12noon, - apart from the months of December and January.

The tables are set attractively, we have gentle background music and there is an unending supply of tea, coffee and biscuits.

Initially we did not charge, but many people felt embarrassed and wanted to give something so now we have a bowl for donations.

Many people attend regularly and enjoy chatting to friends old and new. Some people come when they can and others when they remember!

Many of our visitors are holiday makers who quite deliberately look for this type of opportunity where they know they will get a warm welcome and can learn about local situations.

Other visitors are local—but not necessarily church folk, and it is a great delight to see them come and both enjoy, and add to, the fellowship.

We would like to share this opportunity of witness and service with as many

as possible and would be grateful for further support.

Members of the congregation can help the Teapot Café by:

coming along on a Wednesday - even for a short time

bringing someone who requires a lift or a steadying arm

bringing someone who would enjoy the outing but is too shy to come alone

offering occasional assistance with the duty rota

encouraging “young mums” to join us

explaining the purpose of the café to people in this community.

Please see this as the church in Callander reaching out to all people in this very simple and practical way.

The Teapot Café

The Thursday Club

The Thursday Club is a fortnightly social club for senior citizens in the Callander community which meets in the Kirk Hall from 2 to 4pm with possibility of transport provided. Its aim is to provide friendly social contact with a variety of table games, discussions, talks, and occasional entertainment plus chat when enjoying the welcome cup of tea or coffee.

Sadly the Club is unable to meet while the country continues to be under any Coronavirus Social Distancing Regulations.  We hope these will be discontinued in the not too distant future.