On Sunday 25th August 2013 seven walkers and ten cyclists set out on a pilgrimage journey from Callander Kirk to Trossachs Church, a distance of about nine miles. Our pilgrimage was designed to be a reflective journey to weave our lives into another story, and so become a prayer which is acted out. The journey was therefore part of the experience and so walkers and cyclists met up twice along the route to share times of reflection and activity.

At Trossachs Church we were joined by others who had made their journey by car and who had also been invited to stop and reflect along the way. Together we processed into the church and held a service which stressed our responsibility to be good stewards of God’s earth and further drew us into the story of creation and our Celtic forebears.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed a lovely picnic tea in the grounds of Trossachs Church, enjoying the sunshine and the views, the beauty and wonder of creation.

The Trossachs Pilgrimage