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Main Hall Seating Capacity: 170 in rows
Library  Seating Capacity: 45
Room 1  Seating Capacity: 20
Room 2 Normal Seating Capacity: 15
Room 3 Seating Capacity: 15

Please Note that kitchen facilities are available but cannot be booked by any one organisation – use of the kitchen must be shared with all users of the hall.

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Do you intend alcohol to be available? Please see Regulations available in PDF format here

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  •   Every effort will be made to ensure you receive the date(s) and time(s) you  wish, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Protection of Children and Young People.  

  • Would all groups dealing with children and young people who do not have an official approved child protection policy please make themselves aware of the church policy, which is exhibited on the notice board in the hall.
2008 Regulations and Information (from Jean April 09).pdf

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Hall & Room Booking Form  (For use after an Enquiry on Availability - see Kirk Hall Page or by Phone)

    N.B Completion of this form means that you have accepted the     Regulations,Terms and Conditions of Hall and Rooms Use.

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