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Yvonne Fuller Library

The Callander Kirk Library is in 4 cupboards in the Yvonne Fuller Library Room of the Kirk Hall.It will be open all day Sunday and unlocked throughout the week. There is a catalogue of allbooks currently in the library. This is also available by clicking on the links below, which are shown by the cursor becoming a hand when you hover over the types of books you are looking for.The catalogue covers the following areas:-


These are in cupboards 1 and 3 and are ordered according to subject. There is a Catalogue with books arranged  by subject and also a Catalogue of the books arranged alphabetically by the author’s surnames.


These are in cupboard 2 in the corner with a catalogue of books, tapes and DVDs available.


There is a good selection of these books and they are in cupboard 5. In the cupboard is a catalogue typed in large print and also one in regular print.


These are also in cupboard 5.

The Church has given the Library money to buy some new and up to date books. Church members have also donated books which they have enjoyed. The Catalogue for this section will be regularly updated.

ACCESS to books

When borrowing books, please enter your name, the name of the book and the date  when the book is taken into the NOTEBOOK provided in each cupboard for that purpose.

RETURN of books

Books should be returned to the box on the bottom shelf of the cupboard from which it was taken and if possible put the date of return in the NOTEBOOK. The Library Team will return these books to the shelves once a month if they have not been taken out again.

Happy Reading!

Library Team:  Hazel Buchanan, Alison Sly, Betty Thom, Jean Brownrigg,  Effie McKenzie, Cherie Bettison.

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