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Four ladies represented Guild members from the 1900’s, 1920’s 1940’s and 1960’s; each was dressed in the appropriate outfit. They told the story of the Woman’s Guild in Callander through the years.

The Kirk Guild celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2005, by holding a Centenary Buffet  in the Kirk Hall. The food was provided by the Old Bank, and speakers from local and national committees brought greetings. We were also delighted to have Mrs McCreadie, as a speaker. She had worked hard to unite the Guilds of St Kessogs and St Brides before she left. Margaret Brown, who recently passed away, at the age of 94, encouraged our Guild members to put together the Banner that can now be seen  in the Church.

Many things have changed. There is no longer a YW&MG or as it became known Young Wives Group. The organisation is now known as the Guild because men are welcome and in fact our General Secretary is a man.

However many things have not changed.

The structure is still the same with the Local Meeting, helped by the Presbyterial Council in Stirling and guided by the National Committee, which has its own office at 121 in Edinburgh. The National Committee chooses the annual ‘Theme’ and gives guidelines on  it  each year. They also suggest the ‘Topic’ for discussion. These are thought provoking and a challenge to the local members.

Each year for 34 years one or more Projects has been chosen by the National Committee, for Guilds to support. Over the years, some very worthy causes have benefitted by receiving many thousands of pounds We are delighted that on average, we in Callander send £500 to the current project We also contribute to Kirk funds, and support our Youth Worker. Sometimes our offering is given to a speaker from the charity they represent.

After all these years, our Guild is still remarkably healthy with 28 members. Six of our members and two of our honorary members are over 90. They are an inspiration to the rest of us to keep active in mind and body and to journey on in the faith. Our committee of seven works extremely well as a team.

We hold our meetings on alternate Thursday afternoons at 2pm in the Kirk Hall; invite a great variety of speakers and enjoy fellowship and food during the teas after the meeting. We  have an annual Coffee Morning to augment general funds and a T Pot Café Coffee Morning to raise funds for our Project. Individually, we save our 5ps for the Project.

Although our meetings are always open, once a year we send  invitations to our neighbouring Guilds in the area and to the members of the other churches in Callander. Over the years this has resulted in good friendships.

We are very grateful to the help and support of  session and church members, the ladies in the church office and the hall keepers.

Guild History continued